Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing means being able to meet current needs comfortably and having the financial resilience to maintain this in the future. It builds on the ideas of financial inclusion, access to services and financial capability.

A lack of financial wellbeing (‘money worries’) contributes to stress and poor mental wellbeing, and has a negative influence on our health behaviours and choices.

Research indicates there is an association between debt and mental health problems, and an association between living with long term ill-health and poverty.

We will be considering the enablers of financial wellbeing like access to services and support schemes, and tackling the barriers for financial wellbeing such as indebtedness and educational attainment. Areas for particular attention will include:

  • Crisis provision (foodbanks, emergency grants and loans)
  • Access to financial services (including credit unions)
  • Lifecourse financial capability
  • Gambling and gambling related harm

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Gambling Related Harm Strategy 2023-2028

Nottingham City Council has worked with an alliance of experts, groups and organisations who are committed to working together to help people affected by gambling related harm. Our Gambling Related Harm Strategy 2023-2028 explains how we will take a public health approach to prevent and reduce harm in Nottingham.

Gambling harm is an under-recognised problem, and people can often hide it because of feelings of guilt, shame or worry.  Gambling can affect physical and mental health, damage relationships and leave people feeling lonely and isolated. It can also cause problems with employment, education, housing and lead to serious debt.

The strategy outlines how we will work with our partners to take action in three areas:

  • Regulation: we will take action within our powers to enhance the regulatory safeguards against gambling related harm.
  • Knowledge and Awareness:  we will build understanding of gambling related harm in Nottingham and raise the awareness of citizens and professionals in order to prevent and reduce harm.
  • Support pathways:  we will make it easier for people in Nottingham who are affected by gambling to find the help they need, and reduce inequalities in access, experiences, and outcomes of support services.

Our vision is that Nottingham will be a place where people are protected from gambling harm, and can access and receive support.

You can view the strategy here . Please read and share it.