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Health and Wellbeing Strategy: 2016-2020 – Health & Wellbeing Board

Health and Wellbeing Strategy: 2016-2020

16668789613_68a1fabf18_kThe Board has a duty to prepare a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for meeting needs identified in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). The JSNA is a local view of current and future health and social care needs that could be met by the City Council, Clinical Commissioning Group or NHS England.JCJ family Recpt 2.fw

The current strategy – Happier, Healthier Lives – was agreed by the Board in July 2016 and sets agreed priorities for the next four years.  The aim of the Strategy is to increase healthy life expectancy in Nottingham and make it one of the healthiest big cities, as well as reducing inequalities in health by targeting the neighbourhoods with the lowest levels of healthy life expectancy.  The Strategy sets out a commitment to achieving the following four outcomes:

  1. Children and adults in Nottingham adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles
  2. Children and adults in Nottingham will have positive mental wellbeing and those with long-term mental health problems will have good physical health
  3. There will be a healthy culture in Nottingham in which children and adults are supported and empowered to live healthy lives and manage ill health well
  4. Nottingham’s environment will be sustainable; supporting and enabling its citizens to have good health and wellbeing